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17 Jan

Well hello there!

Below are snapshots of makeovers by Brides By Brittany and other little Brides By Brittany goodies!

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17 Jan

My sweet ray of sunshine was born just about 6 months ago and my world has forever been changed.

shiloh and me 5.5 months

Before Shiloh Grace was in my arms, I dreamt of “having my cake and eating it, too” … I could do it all:

Be still before God throughout the day in prayer and meditation.

Love on my husband like we’re still dating.

Adore my daughter and be present in her ever-changing world while nurturing and raising her to know she is the apple of her momma’s eye.

Be active in nature with my little family.

Serve my clients with all the passion and attention my company was built on.

Be available for my family & friends.

Hang out with my girlfriends without a myriad of “must-do’s” stealing away that time.

Keep a clean home.

Prepare nutrient-dense real food meals for my family.

Have extra time to give to those in need.

Walk the dog.

Take a shower.

Try and throw on some lipstick & mascara.

… to name a few.

So here’s the kicker that I have realized six months in: either parts of that cake will go rotten from being left daily untouched or I will go sick daily trying to eat it all.  It’s that simple.

I have embraced the fact that I cannot have my cake and eat it, too, at this stage of life.

So, instead, I’m choosing the pieces that are most important and taking some of those other pieces off my plate, despite how temptingly delicious they are.

Which brings me to the beautiful world of Hair & Makeup and Brides By Brittany

At this season of my life, as a wife and momma to a 6 month old bundle of wonder & joy, I cannot dedicate the time and energy to my clients like I did before Shiloh was born.  Truth be told, my appetite has changed and the small windows of time I could spend frantically catching up on emails, throwing together contracts, calling to chat with a Bride, etc, I have other pieces of my cake I feel more drawn to and that fit this season of my life better.

SO… until further ado, I will not be opening my booking calendar for 2014.

This life is always moving and forming and challenging us and I remain clay in the Potter’s mighty hands, willing and open to what the next season will look like.  But for now, life as a wife & momma is pretty scrumptious and all-encompassing.  And I’m ok with that.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

us 5.5months

Thank-you for all your love and support throughout this journey, I am blessed to have been a part of so many sacred beginnings.  When the time comes for me to take on this sweet piece of cake again, I will post an update and look forward to the weddings I will get to be a special part of again.  xoxo Britt

Diapers, Rattles and Lipstick

31 Oct

It’s late at night and I’m writing this as my sweet little one slumbers…


UPDATE: it is now late the following morning and momma’s got a hot cup of coffee in hand and is saying a prayer the baby stays sleeping
just a little longer…


This summer I became a mom.  It rocked my world.

Brides By Brittany

I have embraced, with my whole being, the sacred miracle of being a momma to my little girl.  Every single day I realize how beautifully & perfectly all-encompassing motherhood is…. and I would not trade it for anything.  My days are a beautiful mess of diapers and rattles –
lipstick is an afterthought .

My spirit is completely filled up when I wake to her precious smiles and there’s nothing like snuggling her into me and breathing in her sweet perfume every morning.   Her laughter fills me up deeper and more completely than any accolade I’ve ever received and rocking her as she sleeps melts every atom of my heart.  Being present to her every daily change and new wonder is my greatest joy;
I don’t want to miss a sacred moment.

Brides By Brittany

Because of her and this sweet chapter of our life together, I have decided to keep my books closed until after the New Year to focus completely on my tiny wonder through these next precious months.  After celebrating the dawn of 2014, I plan to prayerfully reassess life with my little darling and consider opening my booking calendar for 2014 {SEE UPDATE HERE}.

I thoroughly love being a part of each of my Brides’ Special Days and have always been passionate to give my all when coordinating beauty and dolling up my Brides and their entourages.  As soon as I am confident in giving that level of TLC again, without compromising my primary role as a momma, I will open my books!

Until then, I am cherishing every moment as nothing-but-momma to my baby…

Brides By Brittany…and I’m putting the lipstick behind the bottles.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

I thank God for this wonder-filled season, realizing the miracle of these early days that I will never get back again.

Thank-you so much for your constant love and support,  I am so filled with thanksgiving for such an incredible following and the opportunity to be a part of so many sacred beginnings.

The baby’s stirring… and my coffee’s cold…

Have a wonderful finish to 2013 and cheers to an incredible 2014!
xoxo Britt

Brides By Brittany
PS… If you’re still looking for some amazing pros to make the vision of your Wedding Day come to life, check out our favorites over here!

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