What is BbB?

Hi! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Chances are if you’ve landed here, you’ve got a very special day up ahead!

I’m Brittany and I have a passion for making women feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin… especially for those special moments in life when we want to feel absolutely breathtaking.

I established Brides by Brittany because I love taking my creativity to the canvas of skin and making women feel on top of the world during some of life’s most memorable days… and your Wedding Day is pretty much at the top of that list!

I am blessed to have a fantastic team of Resident Professional Hair & Makeup Artists and our specialty is dolling up brides and their wedding parties… I think your Wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable days out of all the thousands and thousands of days you get in your lifetime. The goal of Brides by Brittany is to make this sacred day even more magical, letting you relax and enjoy every moment leading up to the aisle while we powder, gloss and blush you with just the right amount of thisandthat so you look and feel absolutely goooooorgeous on your Wedding Day… and maybe even cause a few good tears to fall…

On a personal level…

  • I tied the knot with my best friend on June 11. 2009 and fall more in love with him every single day… true story
  • took FIVE years to get to the wedding aisle with my man
  • credentialed at the top of my class from prestigious MUD (Makeup Designory) Professional Makeup Artistry School
  • mama to the cutest puppy ever!
  • think the book of Hosea is the most beautiful, amazing unconditional-love story
  • big sister to six brothers and one sister
  • LOVE Fall weddings!!!
  • Riesling over Merlot when there’s the option
  • lived in Uganda Africa and miss it like crazy
  • believe in living organically and supporting our local farmers
  • love the crackle of an old vinyl on a record-player
  • blessed with friends so close we consider each other family
  • firm believer in the power of a great mascara and tinted moisturizer
  • could spend all day searching for treasures in a fabulous antique shop
  • think my husband is stunningly handsome
  • can watch reruns of The Office all day long and still laugh hysterically
  • adore themed weddings
  • have a crush on Dave Matthews
  • could eat German raspberries til I get sick
  • have a soft spot for colorful, fun wedding shoes
  • driven to live my life by the concept and purpose “ekitiibwa kya mukama”… African for “all glory be to God”
  • think there are few things as breathtaking as a bride on her Wedding Day

Stay a while and let me know if I can help make your upcoming special day even more beautiful and memorable!

my little Zoolander… my husband and I call him our “Ca-Sapien”… we absolutely believe he’s half dog, half human.