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15 Aug

I met Mandy at a hole-in-the-wall nail salon.  Between the soft murmur of the nail file and the always-too-loud TV, I overheard Mandy telling her nail tech that she was getting ready to tie the knot.  I am never one to stick out my hand and introduce myself with a sales pitch, just isn’t my style… if anything, my downfall after YEARS of working retail is that I am NOT a sales person, I prefer organic conversations that naturally evolve into genuine interest and partnership.  Thus, I half-listened to Mandy chat away about her wedding plans and it wasn’t until my tech {who knew what I do} mentioned that I was a Wedding Beauty Coordinator, that alas we finally met.  I liked the girl right away.  She is truly an authentically beautiful & down-to-earth soul.  We met a couple of weeks later over coffee to chat about her vision for her Wedding Day look… and the rest is history.

 It was SUCH an honor to be a special part of Mandy & Jesse’s “I do’s”!  For her Wedding Day look, Mandy wanted a classic/vintage style with a modern touch.  We decided on Airbrush Makeup to ensure looooong lasting wear and I focused on playing up her beautiful big eyes with sultry-earthy tones and strong winged liner.  I gave her cheeks a soft and sexy glow and finished her look with long, flirty lashes and a sexy, glossy pout!

A HUGE thank-you to Kristin Genna Photography
for sharing these beautiful images!

Mandy Before…

…Mandy After

Mandy & Jesse tied the knot at Rancho Guajome Adobe in a simple, intimate ceremony that was followed by a down-to-earth celebration with a close group of family and friends!  Enjoy the lovely pics from this Big Day!

The process of long, sexy lashes…

Mandy has, hands-downs, one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard!

The first look… I absolutely ADORE the Groom’s reaction…

…that’s the reaction that makes what I do SO fulfilling!!!


In the Bride’s own words:

I met Brittany sitting in a nail salon.  We started talking and I mentioned I was getting married (probably about 15 times – What can I say, I was a little excited…).  She never once tried to push her services on me.  I found out she was a make up artist because the nail technician mentioned it.  As anyone going through the wedding process knows, anytime you mention your wedding, someone will be trying to sell you something.  Not Brittany, which is immediately why I wanted to work with her.  I knew I wouldn’t have to stress about any up selling, or any shady business acts.

She met me for a “coffee consult” and took very detailed notes of everything I wanted.  She was extremely patient with me, and also genuinely excited for my wedding.  I signed up for the “grand preview” in addition to the wedding day services.  

Let me tell you, this woman is amazing!  As one of my coworkers said, she is a “magician”.  My skin has never looked so flawless, and my eyes never looked so big!  She was also such a positive person to be around that she kept me totally stress free the morning of the wedding.  I felt like a princess going through the whole process, and she was just the icing on the cake.  I HIGHLY recommend working with her!!  As a matter of fact, I think I’ve referred her to every single one of my friends, and I’m dying for the opportunity to have her do my makeup again.

Brittany is not just an amazing makeup artist, she is also a complete sweetheart.  Once you meet her, you will want to keep her, not only as a makeup artist, but as a friend.  She is fantastic!!!


Mandy & Jesse, thank-you SO so much for letting me be such a special part of your Wedding Day!  Jesse, you got yourself a treasure with Mandy!  I wish you and your growing family lots of joy and laughter! xoxo


Kristin Genna Photography, thank-you so much for
sharing your fabulous work!
Click the image below to check out more of her lovely work!


So excited for Mandy & Jesse’s little addition coming soon!


One Response to “manicures & makeup”

  1. Mandy August 16, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    Thank you so much for your kind words! Seeing this pictures again totally brought tears to my eyes. You’ve managed to make my wedding so special a second time around! I’ll be sure to let you know when we find out the sex of the baby 🙂

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