ciao, hola, bonjour

21 Jun

My man and I celebrated 3 years in 3 countries in 3 languages.
Viva Europe!

It was absolutely mind-blowing.  The ancient ruins of the Colosseum, the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel, the charm of Sorrento.  From the Gothic quarter of Barcelona to the entombed world of Pompei to the sheer splendor of the Isle of Capri…
We fell in love with Europe while celebrating three years of this sweet blessing of our covenant love.

For any of you still trying to nail down a honeymoon, I would absolutely recommend exploring the Mediterranean!  The diversity of Europe is incredible; ranging from Rome’s amazing architecture of ancient ruins that still pulses with power to the peacefulness of Tuscany and their sweet grappa & earthy olive oil to the romance of beautiful Florence and Pisa.  Throw in Barcelona’s Gothic magnificence and Cannes luxurious beaches and you have a pretty sweet backdrop to a few champagne cheers.

I hit the ground running after non-stop 25 hours of travel from Barcelona back to San Diego and can honestly say I know I am doing what I love when I actually wake up {jet lagged and all}  excited to dive back into the world of blush, lipstick, mascara and brides.  Ciao!

Shout-out to Heather of Raving Tans for giving my white body a gorgeous bronzed glow for my European getaway!



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