smoldering & sexy

25 Apr

It is SO fun to work my magic for Boudoir Shoots!  The fun for me is transforming a girl next door into a smoldering hot bombshell and seeing their confidence transform, it’s like playing dress-up…
sexy dress-up, and it is SO fun!

I dolled-up the gorgeous Courtney for her Boudoir Shoot with Captivating Boudoir and let me tell you… WOW.  

Courtney’s daily look is sweet & simple so she really wanted to steam up her image for the shoot.  We decided on gorgeous dramatic smokey eyes framed with long, flirty lashes and flawlessly Airbrushed skin, completed with a glossy pout.  My Resident Pro Hair Artist, Bekah created loose, sexy waves to finish Courtney’s smoldering boudoir look!

HUGE thanks to Erica of Captivating Boudoir for sharing these PG13 images! I am always blown away by the way Erica captures the natural beauty & innate sexiness of our clients…




…and she said she was nervous to get in front of the camera,
fooled me!


Erica of Captivating Boudoir never fails to WOW me… the way she captures the confidence and beauty of our clients against gorgeous natural backdrops is incredible!  

Click the image below to see more Captivating Boudoir,
and check out our awesome combo Boudoir Shoot Package!


Courtney, you ROCKED it!!! You looked absolutely amazing and it was so fun to help you get your sexy on for your shoot! I wish you and your man all things lovely and wonderful! xoxo


In her own words… 

“Brittany did my makeup for my Boudoir shoot and I was very pleased with her work!!  I sent her a picture of what I had in mind, which was definitely more makeup than I have ever imagined I would put on, so I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t look like myself.  However, Brittany did such a great job of listening to my concerns and then doing her magic.  I looked so sexy and felt so beautiful that I didn’t want to take my makeup off that night after the shoot!  She is so friendly too, which made it so much more comfortable!  I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants a professional makeup artist that will listen to your needs and do an amazing job! – Courtney”


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