one sacred day…

20 Sep

Kaila & Kevin tied the knot as the sun was rising surrounded by the incredible grandeur of Founder’s Chapel at USD.  

Because Kaila is a natural beauty and spends her days teaching kids the ABC’s, she did not want to feel overdone with her makeup on her Wedding Day.  I also wanted to give Kaila a look that would literally last ALL day since I would get her all dolled-up in the early morning {and with a ceremony that included an hour and a half mass, photos in the afternoon and a reception that lasted til after the sunset, long-lasting makeup was ESSENTIAL!}. 

We decided on Airbrush Makeup that would allow for a more flawless natural look with all day, tear-resistant wear.  I played up her beautiful baby-blue eyes with soft hues of brown and bronze, emphasized by light false lashes.  Kaila really wanted the “Bridal Glow” so I used a soft champagne shimmer to highlight her cheeks and completed her natural-beauty look with a pop of coral blush and glossy pink lips.



The AMAZING Erica of Acres of Hope Photography captured Kaila & Kevin’s Sacred Day absolutely beautifully…
check out her stunning photos below!

Loooooove her princess gown!

I had the honor of dolling-up not just the Bride, but also her lovely entourage, I can honestly say they are
THE SWEETEST group of ladies!!!


Erica, Thank-you SO much for sharing these beautiful moments, your work never ceases to amaze me!
To check out more of Acre of Hope Photography’s incredible work, click here!



Kaila & Kevin, All my wishes to you for a marriage that is blessed with laughter and the deepest, fullest love! xoxo




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