miss cali teen!

19 Jul

Not only is Alexis absolutely GOOOOoooOooRGEOUS but she is also humble, sweet as sugar and super smart.  I know, try not to hate.  She is amazing and she just happens to be Miss California Teen USA!

I have had the honor of dolling-up Alexis for the Red Carpet and coaching her in Private Makeup Lessons as she prepared for
Miss California Teen USA and {after winning that crown} again as she prepared for the Big Stage at Miss Teen USA in the Bahamas
just last weekend!

When she came over the day before jumping on a plane to head to the Bahamas I created and taught her two gorgeous looks she could replicate in the Bahamas for Miss Teen USA.  

Because Alexis has INSAAAANELY beautiful big blue eyes, I wanted to make them the focus without making her makeup look heavy or old.  So I used a palette of earthy plums and soft champagnes to create subtly smudged liner and blended shadows and highlights to softy frame her eyes and gave her skin a to-die-for contour and glow to create a fresh daytime look she could easily wear for
media appearances and for her Interview Competition…

Since the day-of competition schedule can be a chaotic cocktail of early rising, long rehearsals, media appearances, and a quick-crazy flutter of dresses, shoes and hairspray as the curtain rises, I really wanted Alexis to have a daytime look she could quickly transform into a killer Stage Competition look without much
hassle OR products.  

So starting with her fresh champagne-plum Interview Look, I taught her how to {in 5 minutes} pump it up by adding just the right amount of strategically placed deep plum shadows and light champagne highlights on her eyes, a gorgeous glowing berry cheek and pout and a quick all over glow {hello itsy-bitsy-bikini!} to be ready for the Lights, Cameras and Competition!

Thank goodness for modern technology, I was able to sit at home in San Diego and watch Alexis LIVE compete in the Bahamas for the crown of Miss Teen USA!  

She was absolutely FLAWLESS and FIERCE!

Needless to say, Alexis NAILED her look…

OOooOooOo check out that gorgeous glow!!!

Miss California Teen USA, for placing
2nd Runner-Up at Miss Teen USA!!!

You were EXQUISITE!!! xoxox

Can’t wait to see your pretty little face again soon!

click here to see Alexis at a recent Red Carpet Event I dolled her up for!



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