back to the basics…

14 Jun

I had the pleasure of dolling-up Casey for her sexy outdoor Boudoir Shoot with Captivating Boudoir  and WOWZA did Casey rock the shoot!  I love working with Captivating Boudoir because the shoots have such a beautifully organic way of capturing the beauty of the client framed with the beauty of nature… back to the basics.

Casey wanted to keep her look fresh and natural with glowing skin so I focused on giving her beautiful contoured and highlighted eyes with long lashes to make them pop naturally and a sculpted face with a flawless glow and a soft glossed lip to complete her naturally sexy look!

Check out Casey’s Before & After and some of her amazing pro shots below!



Casey’s shoot photos with Captivating Boudoir below… STUNNING! 


Casey, you are such a beautiful woman and I loved chatting and laughing with you while dolling you up for your shoot!
…and you said you were nervous?! You rocked it!


High Five to Bekah Salazar for creating Casey’s lovely locks!


Big thank-you to Captivating Boudoir for sharing these gorgeous pics!  Click to see more gorgeous photos!



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