untraditional beauty

16 Mar

I have a thing for beauty that isn’t mainstream and has a unique edge.  Chelsea is a bohemian beauty and anything but traditional (perfect example: she’s making sure her half-sleeve is finished before her Wedding Day so that the completed tattoo is in all her wedding photos)… I think it makes for such a beautifully personal wedding when a bride puts her own special touch on all the details and digs in to get creative!

I’m not going to spoil all the surprises because Chelsea’s Wedding Day is not for a few more months… but it is certainly going to be one-of-a-kind and fantastically lovely.  Not to mention, the Bride-to-be is goooorgeous!

I dolled-up Chelsea for her Grand Preview and created flawless, glowing skin complimented by softly exaggerated golden eyes with winged liner and nude lips to complete her vintage-inspired look… BEAUTIFUL!!! See for yourself…





~Chelsea, I am SO excited to doll you up for your Sacred Day!  Enjoy these last few months as a Miss! xoxxo~


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