Summer’s Sacred Day

31 Jan

Summer kicked off 2011 as an absolutely gorgeous bride who found a special spot in my heart.  Aside from loving my job because I get to co-create stunning art on the  human canvas, I also love that every woman who sits in my chair has her own story and is on her own unique journey, every bride I doll-up is beautifully different.

Summer’s life-story touched my heart and reminds me how how miraculously unexpected some stories are written and how beautiful redemption is.  I have said this many times to many different women who have many different stories; beyond the low valleys in life that don’t make sense and the unexpected high moments that make us rejoice, I believe the blueprint behind it all is Perfect Love. That has held me up through some very low times  and has brought me to my knees in thankfulness during the most amazing times… there is a Perfect Author writing our stories, every one unique and yet every one a piece of the storyline of Perfect Love.

On January 28, Summer opened a new, beautiful chapter as she exchanged vows with her new husband!  Check out some photos from Summer’s Sacred Day…



The New Mr. and Mrs. Elliott!


Summer, I am SO happy I was able to be a part of your Sacred Day!  You are such a treasure and I am excited for this new chapter of your life as Erik’s Bride!  I wish you both faithful love, abundant laughter and unexpected blessings!



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