redemption reshoot..

16 Nov

Jessica called me to book a “Redemption Reshoot” with her brand new husband, she was referred to me by the amazing Krystel Tien of Couture Events.
Her message was mildly frantic, “You are the first vendor I have called because I need to make sure I book an amazing makeup artist… my wedding photos are awful, I don’t look like myself, my makeup was a disaster…”
Originally, Jessica thought of doing her own makeup for her Wedding Day but then last-minute booked a makeup artist through a friend-of-a-friend, no contract required. Because there was no contract signed there was no guarantee of exquisite work – the Makeup Artist showed up late on Jessica’s Wedding Day and with very limited makeup tools and products.
The end result was a bride who spent her final minutes before walking down the aisle in a bathroom scrubbing her face with cotton balls trying to rub off her overdone black eyebrows and red lips.
The moral of the story is: As you are looking to book a Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day, keep in mind that a Makeup Artist is no different from any other professional in the Wedding Industry and should be held to high standards… she will be creating the look for you that will be captured in LOTS of photos you will have for the rest of your life! Research her qualifications (experience, professional credentials, services offered, professional connections) and thoroughly look through her portfolio (especially Before & Afters) to get a good idea of her ability and talent. Set up a consult with your Makeup Artist plenty of time prior to your Wedding Day, your Makeup Artist should require a signed contract with specific guarantees in order to book your Wedding Day. Schedule a “Trial Run/Grand Preview” before your Sacred Day to see your Wedding Day Makeup vision become reality on your unique face and make any adjustments prior to your Wedding so there are no surprises!



That being said… I am SO thankful Jessica called me! She is an absolutely LOVELY little lady with a heart of gold! Her husband is a Man-in-Uniform (I LOVE my Military Families!) so they decided to combine their “Redemption Reshoot” with his Military Ball at the historic US Grant in San Diego.
I suggested the amazing photographer, Bethann Greenberg, and a hair artist I adore, Bekah Salazar, and together we created MAGIC for this special couple…
In the end, Jessica and Brad’s Sacred Moments were recaptured BEAUTIFULLY and Bethann even convinced Jessica to throw in an impromptu Boudoir mini-shoot to the very pleasant surprise of her husband…

Enjoy Jessica and Brad’s magical photos! 








…imagine Brad’s pleasant shock when he saw Jessica’s impromptu “for-his-eyes-only” surprise… 



Jessica and Brad, Best Wishes for a lifetime of love, passion and laughter! Brad, thank-you for everything you do to defend our freedom and protect our country!


HUGE KUDOS to Bethann Greenberg of Bethann Greenberg Photography for capturing such GORGEOUS images


 HIGH FIVE to Bekah Salazar for styling Jessica’s hair so perfectly!



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